Frequently Asked Questions

We know planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming.  Here are a few frequently asked questions that might help get you started in the right direction!

Why Hire Us? Or Are You the Right Wedding Planner for Me?
Because planning a wedding is a big deal and there are no do-overs when it comes to getting it right.  We live and breathe that motto and we will go out of our way to exceed your expectations! We take great pride in being the best there is out there.  Just like you hire professionals (doctors, carpenters, electricians, etc) for other areas in your life, planning a wedding is no different and you should hire an expert to help you plan and manage the details of one of the most important days of your life.
Where do you plan events? Do you travel?
We are based out of Raleigh, NC but plan weddings all over the southeast.  From the coast to the mountains, we love designing weddings at new and familiar destinations, so contact us today!
Is there a minimum event budget you work with?
Yes, we work best with clients that have a minimum budget of $40,000 for the event. For smaller, more intimate celebrations please reach out to us directly for more details. On average, our clients spend as a whole for the entire wedding (dress, flowers, invitations, venue, etc) around $300-$500 and up per guest.
How do you determine which consultant is available for my date?
You are more than welcome to specify a preference for a particular consultant if you feel a special connection with one of us after reading over our bios!  Otherwise, we will check availability for the date and one of our team members will reach out to you to connect and learn more about your event!  We only take on a certain number of clients per consultant to make sure the time and effort put into each of our events maintains a certain level of quality.
Do you offer day-of/month-of coordination?
Our day-of coordination is much more than just help on the day of the event!  Because of this, we have renamed this package our month-of planning package!  Yes, we happily offer this package but only within a limited timeframe from your event during our peak months.  If you are certain you want us as a part of your wedding team, we recommend hiring us today!
Do you work with clients that don’t live in the area?
Absolutely!  About 40-45% of our clients are not local to the area!  We are very comfortable working around your schedule and planning in advance for your trips into town!  This is where some of our customized planning tools can really come in handy to ease stress or anxiety about planning a wedding in a place where you are not currently located.
What is your pricing?
Our pricing is based on many factors (time of year, location, number of guests, consultant, services we are providing).  However, as a point of reference, our month-of package starts at $2,000.  Contact us directly for full service pricing!
Any more words of wisdom?
Hiring a planner is a big decision.  We recommend you choose someone who you feel truly gets you. TRUST is the key ingredient to an amazingly stress-free experience working with us!  We do this job because we love it and we are passionate about it. Because of this, we too (just like you!) want to work with an individual because we feel our personalities and styles match. Our goal for all our clients is to amaze, delight, and exceed their expectations.   With many of our clients, we form lifelong bonds of friendship while planning for the big day and enjoy keeping up with them and staying in touch long after the wedding day is over! If you like to laugh, want to enjoy planning your wedding and hand the hard parts over to an expert, contact us today!
Do you offer internships? Are you hiring?
We do take on an intern every summer as well as offering some seasonal shadowing opportunities throughout the year.  Please know that although we would love to be able to connect with each and every person interested in joining our team, due to the volume of inquiries we get we are not able to get back to everyone as our first priority is to our clients!  Although we are not currently hiring for any paid positions, we are always keeping our eyes open for someone super special and we hope that person is you.