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An Evening at Gatsby’s Manor!Surprise 50th Birthday Celebration

An Evening at Gatsby's Manor!
Jay Gatsby would have been proud of the fabulous party thrown in honor of our amazing client's 50th birthday celebration this fall.  It was a night of jazz, flappers, sequins and gin and it made for the perfect Gatsby soiree at Graylyn Estates.  Each room was transformed into a magical setting through the use of glamorous custom furniture, extravagant blooms and rich [...]

Jennifer and Brandon’s Downtown Raleigh Wedding!

Jennifer and Brandon's Downtown Raleigh Wedding!
Jennifer and Brandon share a love of the Roaring Twenties, and dreamed of a classic Great Gatsby inspired wedding reception.  The Sheraton Raleigh Hotel proved to be the perfect location for this sweet couple’s vision to come to life!  Their event was centered on a great band for their friends and family to enjoy, and a neutral palette of black, white and champagne wi[...]