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Valentine’s Day: Love and Marriage

Valentine's Day: Love and Marriage
Happy (almost) Valentine's Day!!  As much as we love a good celebration (and chocolates!), Valentine's Day is just one day out of the year that focuses on love. We here at A Southern Soiree have written a little post about love, marriage, and what we think being married is really all about!  Check out our Valentine's Day (and every other day!) love advice below.  Than[...]

Valentine’s Day Love Advice

Valentine's Day Love Advice
Happy early Valentine’s Day to all our friends from A Southern Soiree! Yes, we know we’re a day early, but why wait? There’s always a reason to celebrate love! It would be wrong for us to not acknowledge that today is Friday the 13th so rather than pretend it’s not happening, we’re going to roll with it. We’re giving you our best shot at love advice a day early so you[...]