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Wedding Etiquette Wednesday: Guest Seating

Wedding Etiquette Wednesday: Guest Seating
You’ve got your final guest list from the return of your reply cards and now it’s time to create your seating arrangements for the reception. Seating guests can be be somewhat tricky and complicated. You want to make sure everyone is happy and has a great time by seating them with people you think they’ll enjoy. Creating an effective seating chart can be helpful in de[...]

Wedding Etiquette Wednesday: Calligraphy Questions!

Your invitations have been ordered and you are ready to address them, but have you thought about hiring a calligrapher? Calligraphy provides a way to add a personal touch that reflects the overall tone of your event. We highly recommend selecting a calligrapher because it offers your guests a first glimpse into what is to come! We have interviewed one of our favorite[...]

Wedding Etiquette Wednesday: Wedding Party Attire

We are asked a lot about what attire is appropriate for the wedding party. Do the men wear a tuxedo or a suit? Should bridesmaids wear short or long dresses? Just like many other decisions related to weddings, it all depends on the formality you are trying to achieve for the event. Tuxedo vs Suit: For the groom and groomsmen, there are many different options to choos[...]

Wedding Etiquette Wednesday: Reply Card Etiquette

Wedding Etiquette Wednesday: Reply Card Etiquette
You have finalized the wording for your wedding invitation, but have you given your reply card any thought? The reply card is very important, because it provides you with an accurate guest count! The reply card and self-addressed envelope are sent with the formal invitation for your guests to send back to you. You must make sure to include the return address, as well [...]

Wedding Etiquette Wednesday: Wedding Invitations

Now that you've started planning the wedding, you've picked the date, reception location, and more, it’s time to send out your wedding invitations. But where do you start?  We have some advice for you, and we went to some experts in the area for their input as well. First step: Decide when you need to get your invitations in the mail, so your guests have plenty of t[...]

Wedding Etiquette Wednesday: We cancelled our wedding…

Making the decision to cancel your wedding is tough all on its own, not to mention that you must now worry with the wedding plans that have already been made. Before anything else, you must notify your guests of the cancellation by either sending out a printed card or calling each guest. The next step would be to notify all of your vendors and cancel their services in[...]

Wedding Etiquette Wednesday: Save The Dates

You've told your closest family and friends you are engaged, and now it's time to tell everyone else! Once you have decided on your location and date, the next step is creating and sending out your Save the Dates. Brides often ask us questions about proper etiquette for Save The Dates such as, "Do I have to send Save the Dates?", "Whom should I send them to?", "What s[...]

Wedding Etiquette Wednesday: I have an engagement party dilemma!

My fiance and I are very excited that my parents are planning an engagement party for us, but we do have one concern. They have already invited several people to the engagement party that we had not planned to invite to our wedding. Is there anything that we can do? Unfortunately, if invitations have already been sent out for the engagement party you cannot un-invite[...]

Wedding Etiquette Wednesday: Should He Ask for My Father's Permission?

So you have been dating for a while and you are finally ready to ask your girlfriend to marry you, but the question is, do you ask her father first? Of course it is not required to ask permission before, but traditionally, men ask the father's permission for his daughter's hand in marriage. Although this tradition has slowly been fading away, it is still considered a [...]

Wedding Etiquette Wednesday: I don't like my ring, should I tell him?

It has become more common nowadays for the bride and groom to both make the final decision about the engagement ring. Couples are now going together to pick out the ring and soon to be brides are giving their future husbands options to choose from to make sure they get the right one. However, there is still a percentage of men (about 52%) that want to choose the ring [...]